Brookfield's Services

All the details:


We have wireless internet available onsite at a great price: Starting at $5 for 1GB up to 30 days, and there are larger packages depending on how much you may need like $25 for 10GB.

Printing/scanning facilities are also available from reception.


There are coin operated laundry room (washing machines and dryers) at $2 per load.


Large lounge with table tennis and pool table available as well as SKY TV.


We have a lockable bicycle shed available, with key for loan upon request.


Free resident parking is available onsite.


Kitchen Survival Kits are available to hire, these containing the basic things you may need straight away so that you can cook and eat, like a pot and pan, plate and cutlery etc. These are $20 each plus a $30 refundable bond if the kit is returned in good condition on departure.


Please ensure you have read our 'conditions of residency' by the time you are going to check in. You are required to have agreed to these when moving in, and the responsibility to know what these are is up to you. If you have any questions about how any of the terms affects you or what they mean, do just give us a call, email or pop in - we are happy to help.


On arrival, you will need to bring your initial payment (bond, administration fee and first weeks rent), bank account number so we can complete an Automatic Bank Payment form and a copy of a passport sized photo of yourself or your driver's licence, passport or other photographic ID card that we can photocopy.




What is the minimum length of time that I can stay at Brookfield?

The minimum stay is 4 weeks. Keep in mind that if you sign up for the 37 week minimum contract, you are signing that this will be your minimum term. We do permit some short stays so please fill in the application form with your information and we will try to help.

Do I have to be a student to stay at Brookfield?

Brookfield is primarily for students. In some circumstances non-students may be granted permission to stay at Brookfield


If I have a visitor can they stay over night?

Yes, residents' may have visitors stay over night but they have to pay a surcharge of NZ$15 per person per night that they stay. All visitors must sign in at the reception office on arrival and must do this prior to the reception office closing at night.


What happens if visitors are not registered to stay the night?

All non-registered visitors are required to leave the premises at 11:00 pm at night without exception.


Am I able to cook my own meals?

Yes, all residents cook their own meals there are facilities such as microwaves, electric and gas stoves available.


How often do I need to pay rent?

Rent is payable weekly on Thursday's. You are required to be in advance in your rent at all times.

Rent may be paid weekly, fortnightly or more, but must be regular and kept up to date to avoid late payment fees.

After your initial bond and first week payment at reception, ongoing rental payments must be by Automatic Bank Payments or if preferred, processed your self through online banking.

Manual payments done over reception will incur a $5 fee. Please ask if you wish to discuss these options more thoroughly.


Can I drink alcohol in the Hostel?

Please note that we are an alcohol free site. We do on occasion have Brookfield events which sometimes exclude this rule but these are advertised as they come up. However we are close to cafes and town, so go out and have fun! If you wish to have an event here where you and your guests would like to drink, please talk to reception for details on the terms of this.


Is there a curfew at Brookfield?

No, but there are limits put on noise pollution and non-registered visitors. All noise is to be kept at a reasonable level after 11:00 pm (this means that stereo music or other noise is to be audible in the near vicinity only i.e. your room). All non-registered visitors are to be off the premises not later than 11:00 pm. This is a safety requirement and is stringently adhered to by Security Staff. Other than the above, residents are free to come and go as they please providing they do not annoy other residents.


Am I allowed to smoke at Brookfield?

Yes but only outside of buildings as we are a "Smoke Free" environment. New Zealand law prohibits smoking inside any building.


Do I have to bring extra things like pots and pans etc?

Yes you will need to either bring cooking equipment or purchase it when you arrive. Other items you may wish to bring are seasonal clothing - depending on how long you are staying in New Zealand.


How much notice do I give before leaving Brookfield?

We request that you give 14 days notice to reception prior to leaving Brookfield.


Does Brookfield accept bond from Studylink or Work and Income?

If you require assistance with your initial payment through Studylink or Work and Income, we can organise a confirmation letter for you upon approval of your application. Please let us know if you require this.


What is a "Bond"?

A "Bond" is like a refundable security deposit paid in advance for your accommodation. The bond is used to ensure that when residents leave the Hostel any damage they may have caused (to either their room or any other part of the Hostel) can be paid for out of the bond. The bond will also be used to recoup rent arrears at the end of the residency. If there is no damage or rent arrears the resident will be refunded the bond on vacating the premises. The bond will be paid directly into the resident's bank account by electronic transfer. All bonds are held in a seperate bond account.


How much is the bond?

Currently the bond is equal to four weeks rent per person, with a one off Administration fee of $85.00 per room (includes linen hire) for medium to long term stays.

Permitted short stays require a $40 key bond to be paid.


Does every resident have to pay a bond?

Yes. The bond must be paid on or by arrival. This will be forwarded to the NZ bond agency to be held.