Conditions of Residency



1.2       RECEPTION






2.3         KEYS

2.4         BOND

2.5         RENT

2.6         MOVING OUT



3.1         BICYCLES

3.2         COOKING

3.3         INTERNET

3.4         LINEN (BEDDING)

3.5          LAUNDRY

3.6         MAIL


3.8         RUBBISH


3.10        TELEPHONES




4.1          CLEANING

4.2          DAMAGE

4.3          DRUGS


4.5          EVICTION

4.6          FIRE AND SAFETY



4.9          HEALTH

4.10        NOISE


4.12        PETS

4.13        ROOM CHECKS


4.15        SMOKING



5.1         RULE CHANGES


5.3         CONTACT INFO




1.1       WELCOME

All the Management and Staff at Brookfield Accommodation feel great pleasure to welcome you here. We have people from all corners of the world and I am sure that your stay here will enrich your future life; we hope that the memories you take from here will be with you for the rest of your lives.


The information contained in this handbook outlines the details you will need to know prior to moving into Brookfield; it also outlines our systems and regulations which are in place to provide you with a comfortable, well maintained and safe environment to live in, making it your home away from home.  We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and positive atmosphere that protects the welfare of our residents.  We respect the individuality of our residents, running on the basis that every resident has the right to their own personal freedom and that every resident also has an obligation to respect the rights of others.


It’s up to you to make the most of what Brookfield and life have to offer, so while working and studying, enjoy the relaxed environment and new friends and make this one of the most enjoyable periods of your life.


1.2       RECEPTION

The general Office Hours are as follows:


Monday – Friday:         1pm to 3pm


It is generally expected, that you will be able to find office assistance during the hours above.  We may be closed on occasion for staff meetings/training.  We appreciate your patience, and for exact times, please check the reception window or call us to check.  Should we change the Receptions hours or we are required to close the Reception, a notice will be placed on the front window.



Should you have any queries regarding Brookfield Accommodation, please do not hesitate to come and see any of the Brookfield Staff.  We are here to help you and ensure you have a wonderful and safe stay.






Brookfield Accommodation is Adult accommodation principally for students.  You are to be over 18 years of age or 16-17 year olds must have parents consent and are subject to Managements approval.


When interested in a room at Brookfield Accommodation, you will need to fill in an application form.  This can either be found at reception or filled in online from our website.  Filling this in along with the details of 2 referees we can contact, will give us an idea if you will be a suitable resident for the communal style living at Brookfield.  After sending your application through, please allow up to a week for processing.  Once your application has been confirmed or declined, we will call, text or email you to confirm this information.  If your application has been confirmed, we will double check your planned arrival date and email all the initial costs required for moving in and any other information you may need to assist in moving in.  Let us know at any point if you wish to check how your application is going or to ask any questions.


2.2         MOVING IN

All Check Ins will be conducted during normal Reception hours unless prior arrangements are made with Management.  If you think there is something wrong or missing, please inform a staff member immediately.


2.3         KEYS

All residents will be given at least 2 keys. One key is for your bedroom door, and the other is for general entry block doors. You may also receive a key for your wardrobe and some residents who are in outlying blocks, will have an extra key to enter the front door of their separate block.


Should a resident lose their keys please inform Reception immediately, they will be required to pay a fee of $50 for a replacement set. Redwood’s power key will cost $20 to replace if lost or broken.


Please note that Redwood sets will have the power key soldered onto the key ring. If the solder wears off/separates or cracks off, you are obligated to inform reception and organise the repair of this.


If you have locked your key in your room, and need to have your room unlocked, please come to Reception during office hours, otherwise please call the after hours cell phone (posted on the Reception window and around property) to contact a Staff member to assist you.  Please note that all non-emergency callouts/lockouts after midnight, will result in a $5.00 fee.  This fee will be forwarded to the person who is responsible for the callout and is to be paid within 7 days.


2.4         BOND

All residents on arrival at Brookfield Accommodation are required to pay a Bond equivalent to 4 weeks rent of their chosen room type.  The Bond is refundable on a resident leaving the room in a suitable condition on departure, their rent paid up to date, at least 2 weeks notice of departure provided and the minimum stay fulfilled.


The Bond will be paid into the resident’s approved Bank Account by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) within a week (except in rare cases likely surrounded public holidays, around Christmas/New Years and staff sickness) of the resident departing from the premises (room keys returned). If for some reason you are unable to have a bond refunded into your bank account after departure, please speak to Management as soon as possible before departure to allow us to organise options for you.


Management will conduct a check of all rooms prior to a resident departing and check for damages etc. prior to the Bond being returned.  The room and chattels must be left in the same condition that they were found in on arrival and Management reserve the right to deduct from the Bond to replace or repair damages/loss of chattels should they occur during a residents stay or on departure.


Should a resident have overdue rent, the Bond will not be refunded in lieu of costs.  If the overdue rent, or combination of overdue rent and damage be more that the amount of bond held, the difference needs to be paid, or a payment plan outlined before departure otherwise the difference will be forwarded to Baycorp for collection of costs.


2.5         RENT

Accommodation rates vary from room to room and all new residents are informed of their rate prior to their stay here at Brookfield Accommodation.

You will have also signed up to minimum term upon moving into Brookfield Accommodation which may reflect in the rate you are paying.  You are obligated to fulfill this minimum term, paying rent for the full period; if you choose to depart before your minimum term is complete, you are still required to pay for the full cost of the minimum term.  If the remaining bond does not cover this and you are unable to pay the required amount, this may be forwarded to Barcorp for collection.


Your rent is required to be kept in advance. A residents rent is due on Thursday, your first rent is due on the day that you move in and may be calculated at a daily rate; rent is then due weekly from the next Thursday. Rent must be paid by Automatic Payment through your bank or by Direct Credit with online banking (excluding payment made on check in which may be made in Cash, Credit Card or Eftpos).  If you desire to pay your rent over the reception counter weekly, there will be a $5 manual transaction fee charged each time.  Under NO circumstances will residents be allowed to be in arrears with their rent. Should a resident be in arrears for any period, Management reserve the right to ask the resident to vacate their room immediately and arrears as well as equivalent for lack of notice will be deducted from the bond.


There are no rent refunds during your stay.


Your Bond can not be used for overdue rent during your stay.  Rent must be paid until your date of departure upon when your bond will then be organised to be refunded back to your bank account.


2.6         MOVING OUT

All residents are required to give the office at least 14 days notice of departure from the premises.  Should a resident give less than two weeks notice, a deduction for the appropriate amount of rent will be deducted from the Bond. When providing notice, please ensure you know which date you are planning to depart.


All Check Outs are to be done during standard open office hours unless prior arrangements are made with Management.  It is expected that departure will happen on the day stated when you gave notice otherwise if a change in date is required, reception must be informed as soon as practically possible and must be approved.  If you stay beyond your notice without discussion, your lock may be changed, property moved out and costs incurred in this process (including replacement of keys) taken from your bond.


Should a resident leave personal property after they have departed the premises, we will do our best to get in touch for retrieval, otherwise it will be disposed of.  We will not hold property after departure.





3.1         BICYCLES

Cycles should be kept chained to cycle racks or in the bicycle shed.  For reasons of fire safety they must not be taken into buildings or left in hallways or bedrooms.  Cycles found within buildings will be removed immediately.  If you would like access to the bicycle shed, please ask at reception and we will organise a key for you.


3.2         COOKING

All cooking is to be done in the the Games Room Kitchen only (or for Pseudopanax bloxk residents, their own block kitchen) and NOT in any resident’s room.  Please ensure that you leave the kitchen in a tidy condition after using it.  If the Barbecues are used, this is also to be cleaned by those responsible.  Please turn off the Barbecue gas bottles and the kitchen gas after using them.

Note: Please do not walk away while cooking, leaving your cooking unattended for any period of time, you may find it turned off or removed for safety reasons.


Please note: Hot food must stay in the kitchen/dining areas please.  Residents must clean their dishes and clean up the kitchen behind them before heading back to their rooms or elsewhere at Brookfield so others can enjoy our facilities.


3.3         INTERNET

We have wireless internet here at Brookfield Accommodation; to be able to use the internet here you will need to obtain a password from Reception during office hours.  If you don’t have your own wireless capable laptop or computer, we do have a several onsite computers available for resident use.


Prices for internet use will usually be posted on the notice boards or please enquire at Reception. Internet must be paid for before it can be used.


Please have an up to date Antivirus system on your laptop/computer.


3.4         LINEN (BEDDING)

Bedding and bed linen is provided by Brookfield.   A mattress protector, duvet inner, duvet cover, pillow, pillow case and sheet is provided.  Please wash them in the laundry weekly. These must still be in reasonable condition on return or departure otherwise cost for replacement will be deducted from the Bond.


3.5         LAUNDRY

There are laundry facilities available for residents, washing machines and dryers are coin operated and take $2 coins.  It costs $2 per load.  Residents need to bring their own laundry powder.


Management insists that residents wash personal clothing only in the laundry area, using the laundry tub if required.


3.6         MAIL

Mail is delivered by Post or Courier Monday – Saturday and can be collected from Reception during normal office hours. Please be aware that mail arrives here by 1pm.



These facilities are available at reception.  Please enquire for costs.


3.8         RUBBISH

Throughout the premises there may be green wheelie bins for the use of residents.

Please empty your bedroom rubbish into these bins.  Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins rather than at them, near them or on the lid!


There is also a large waste bin (skip bin) near the Games Room for use by residents.



If a resident orders a taxi or takeaways to be delivered, it is their responsibility to meet the appropriate company at Reception. No taxis/takeaways orders are to be sent to a room.  Remember, hot food should be eaten in the dining rooms.


3.10      TELEPHONES

Should a resident want their own personal phone connected into their room, they must inform Management and then Telecom.  This is at the residents cost and please note, this may not be possible to all rooms.



There is free off road car parking on site.  Car parking on the property is not allocated to rooms; do not expect to keep the same car park.

Note: The driving speed limit on the property is 15km per hour.





4.1       CLEANING

It is your responsibility to keep your bedroom (and bathroom if in an ensuite room) clean and tidy.

Your accommodation may be inspected throughout the year.   You will be notified in writing of the coming inspection.  If the cleanliness of your accommodation is not of the required standard, you will be given a second date of inspection to bring this up to a hygienic, appropriate standard.  Persistent failure to maintain standards of cleanliness and hygiene will be considered as unacceptable conduct.


On departure, all residents must ensure that they clean their room, vacuum and wipe down surfaces and empty their rubbish into the wheelie bins or skip bin and wipe out and defrost the fridge (unplug and leave the door open slightly) prior to check out. Failure to do so will result in deductions from the Bond.


Vacuum cleaners are available from reception for residents FREE of charge; Residents are also responsible for their own dishes and bedding.  Please ensure that no resident’s dishes etc. are left in the kitchen.


While you are here, you are expected to clean up after yourself while enjoying the shared facilities.


In the kitchens - Do:

Wipe up all spillage immediately.

Wipe down all surfaces after use.

Sweep up all crumbs immediately.

Clean the stove top and elements after use.

Switch off all cooking appliances when you have finished with them.

Wipe the inside of the microwave after use.

Follow standard procedures for disposal of rubbish.


In the bathrooms – Do:

Maintain hygienic practices.

Use only toilet paper in the toilet cubicle; no water is to be brought into this area.

Clean up after yourself if any mess is made on the toilet seat and flush after each use.

Not stand on any of the toilet receptacles.

Not wash any personal items in the bathrooms; they are to be cleaned in the laundry only.


4.2       DAMAGE

If any damage has been caused by yourself or your visitors while residing or visiting at Brookfield Accommodation, you will be liable for all costs of repairs or replacement of fixtures.


4.3       DRUGS

All residents are to be aware that under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 it is a criminal offence to be in possession of/or using illicit drugs (i.e. cannabis).


Any person found to be either in possession of, or using illicit drugs will be reported to the police and evicted from the premises immediately and Bond will not be refunded. If the person is a resident they will not be able to continue their residency. They will be escorted from the premises immediately and will have to make arrangements for the removal of their belongings from the premises.



You should familiarize yourself with Fire Exit Routes and the location of the Assembly Point.

If you hear the fire alarms sound for more than 3 seconds, evacuate your room, or the room you are in immediately, closing your door behind you and quickly make your way to the assembly point.  You are not to return into any building until given permission from staff.

If you discover a fire, however small, please yell ‘Fire’ loudly and sound a manual call point alarm, evacuate the building closing doors behind you and report the details to the first staff member you see.


4.5       EVICTION

Management reserve the right to remove a resident immediately from Brookfield Accommodation if the residents behaviour is detrimental and unsuitable to the comfort and well being of all associated with residing here.  Should a resident be evicted, in some incidences they may also be issued with a trespass notice, a copy of the trespass notice will be given to the New Zealand Police for enforcement if necessary.


Eviction can result from non payment of rent, failure to observe any and all of these rules or any uncomfortable behaviour non conducive to communal living.


Please Note: If evicted for any reason, your Bond will NOT be refunded.



A robust fire detection system and fire evacuation procedures have been established to ensure your safety.  Please ensure you are familiar with your closest fire evacuation exits at all times and where the designated assembly point is.  Please also ensure you follow these instructions to help us guarantee the safety and well being of all residents.


Please do not overuse aerosol items such as hairspray, perfume or deodarant in your room as these may set off the smoke detectors.

Hair straighteners, hair tongs/curlers and hair dryers should be used with caution as the steam caused may set of the smoke detectors.

Candles and incense and anything that may produce a naked flame are not permitted at Brookfield.

Flammable liquids (kerosene, petrol etc) are not to be stored at Brookfield.

Any cooking appliances, such as jugs, toasters, microwaves, rice cookers, electric frying pans and extra heaters are not permitted in your room.  The heating provided in Brookfield’s rooms will generally be switched on between the months of May and September. This is due to health and safety policy and to ensure that we avoid energy wastage and also to keep to a minimum, rising energy costs.  If residents are experiencing problems with their bedroom heating this should be reported to reception.

Please do not dry your clothes on the heaters.

Fireworks and firearms of any sort are not permitted at Brookfield.

Smoking is not permitted inside any building or doorway at Brookfield Accommodation.  Please also be aware of any windows you may be near while smoking.

Do not cover, tamper or remove the smoke detector.

Do not prop open any fire safety doors or entry and exit doors.

Do not leave the kitchen when cooking.

Use metal, foil or melamine containers for microwave cooking and do not turn it on with nothing inside it.


If a smoke detector is confirmed as being tampered with or removed, a fine or immediate eviction may occur.


If a fire alarm is activated as a result of any resident not complying with these regulations, it will result in that resident being charged with the reactivation of the fire alarm system (approximately $200) or on the event a fire engine attends, this may be approximately $2000.  This also includes any purposely activated fire alarms.



If a resident has a dispute with the actions of any resident, RA or staff member, please come and discuss this with Management.  We will discuss all options available, and do our utmost to come to a balanced, workable decision.



Brookfield Accommodation aims to build an inclusive community and as such hold a zero tolerance for true discrimination against another resident on such basis as gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.  Residents are to respect both other residents and Staff and Brookfield property under any and all circumstances.  No violence or verbal abuse towards any residents or staff will be tolerated under any circumstances.

Should a resident or visitor offend in such a way, Management will have the right to evict the person immediately and their Bond will not be refunded.


Management wish to provide a relaxed and safe environment for all residents and abusive behaviour is not tolerated.


4.9       HEALTH

If anyone is ill or has had an accident, you must notify a member of staff for health and safety reasons.  If you have not seen your neighbour for awhile, let staff know as this resident may be ill and not willing/able to leave their room.  We wish to keep a great community, keeping an eye out for each other, so if you see anything of concern, please let staff know.  We do recommend that you bring your own first aid kit.  To minimise contagious infections, we advise that you do not share glasses, drink bottles and cigarettes.


If you have any need to call an ambulance, our staff must be contacted immediately.  This is to assist in quick, easy access to the property as needed and will enable precise information to be given to ambulance control with respect to the casualty’s condition and background.


4.10    NOISE

All residents are to ensure they are considerate of all other residents in relation to noise around the premises at all hours.


There is to be no excessive noise between the hours of 11:00pm to 7:00am. This is a Local Council Noise Control bylaw and Security Personnel have been informed to carry out the necessary action to meet the regulation requirements.


All stereos, TV’s etc, must only be heard in your rooms, not in anyone else’s.  If a resident or staff member asks you to minimise noise then you must do so immediately.


The Dining/Games Room are for the enjoyment of all residents.  Noise is to be kept at a reasonable level and all rubbish is to be put into the appropriate bins.  Please note the Games Room is closed off at 11pm each night but residents are still able to use the kitchen at night.



Brookfield Accommodation is an Alcohol and Drug Free Zone.


No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises.


If a resident is consuming alcohol, Management reserves the right to evict that person immidiately, without return of Bond.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that we are a relaxed and peaceful environment for everyone to enjoy.


Alcohol may be permitted at certain Brookfield events; this will be advertised on posters if permitted and is to be consumed at the barbecue area or as advertised and only until 11pm.


Should a resident like to hold an event where alcohol may be involved, they must seek Management approval prior and sign an event contract, otherwise they may not be able to consume alcohol.


Residents are to also be aware that detrimental behavior caused by residents to the well being and comfort of all residents or staff will not be tolerated and Management have the right to request boisterous residents to vacate the premises immediately.


4.12    PETS

No animals are allowed on the premises or bought into the building by friends.



Management reserves the right to enter rooms for routine inspections and should they feel the need to for routine safety inspections


We may do room checks at random to check for hygiene and maintenance purposes.  We will provide you with at least 24 hours notice before checking your room.  It is advised that you are present, but we reserve the right to check it in your absence.  Brookfield reserves the right to enter your room to turn down music, turn off alarms, for maintenance concerns or any other safety concerns.



It is the responsibility of all residents to practice personal safety and insure their own personal belongings to ensure that theft does not occur.  We strongly recommend you close and lock your room at all times and insist you take good care of your keys at all times (this includes not giving your key to another resident or non-resident).


Should a resident be caught taking items from another resident or staff member without their permission, the resident will be evicted immediately and their Bond will not be refunded.


Management is NOT responsible for the security of the resident’s rooms and personal items.


Nobody is permitted to access your room in your absence without your permission having been given to Management.  This includes relatives.


Theft could occur, and is increasing nationwide, for this reason, we encourage self safety practices, like ensuring your room is locked and any windows closed whenever you leave it, do not lend your keys to anyone, keep your keys with you at all times and report any loss of keys to reception immediately.


4.15    SMOKING

Smoking is not permitted inside any building and it is advised you stay well away from doorways whilst smoking to prevent alarm triggers.  Please dispose of cigarette butts safely and courteously.



All residents are to take full responsibility for their visitors and accompany them whenever they are on the premises.  Visitors are not permitted in resident’s rooms overnight unless prior arrangement has been confirmed with Reception. The cost for a visitor to stay the night in a resident’s room is $15.00 per person.  If there is a request for a visitor to have their own room, and if there are rooms available, this can be booked in at our standard nightly rates.


Visitors are not permitted to be on the premises between the following hours: Monday to Sunday 11pm – 7am.


Rules and procedures associated with all residents also apply to all visitors and for fire safety regulations overnight visitors must be registered at Reception.


Note: If a visitor’s behaviour is not appropriate to the standard set in Brookfield’s Conditions of Residency, this may also reflect badly on the resident who is responsible for them being here.


Children are not permitted to stay overnight in any circumstances.





5.1         RULE CHANGES

From time to time Management may be required to make amendments or change these rules and regulations.  This is done at Management discretion and all residents will be informed of any changes/amendments. These will usually be advertised on Brookfield’s notice boards or letters will be posted on/under all residents doors, please make sure you keep yourself up to date with these changes.


From time to time we do have meetings together with all the residents to keep up with the play on how things work and to provide residents with an opportunity to discuss different things.  We would appreciate if residents could please try to attend these if available.



Residents are advised to bring or buy as required:

Bedding (some bedding packs are available for hire from reception)

Cutlery and kitchen gear

Laundry basket and washing powder

Coat hangers

First aid kit

Cleaning products



5.3         CONTACT INFO

P:         (07) 856 9700

M:           021 831 094